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Please provide a brief description that highlights your goals and expected outcomes. If you are applying for a follow up grant, please briefly describe what the original grant was and how this new grant will support new aspects or elements of the work. This description will be posted on the BreakingGround website if you are awarded grant funds. You will be given an opportunity to make edits before it is posted.
Please describe how your project or course aligns with BreakingGround values.
How will you assess progress towards your expected outcomes?


Please check all communities where the participants will be working.
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If you selected "Off-Campus", please provide a community partner name and address/neighborhood (if applicable).
Approximate date(s) of implementation/timetable.
How did you determine the need for this course/project and who will benefit?

Student Involvement


Participant Experience

How will you encourage participants to remain involved with this social issue/community beyond this course/project?
Describe how participants will reflect on their experiences. Please share any questions, activities, or assignments you plan to implement for reflection.

Budget Form

Please download, complete, and upload the following budget form: Budget Form. This is the only format that will be accepted.


How will UMBC participants and community partners be involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the course/project?
If you are selected for the BreakingGround grant, we will promote your course/project on the BreakingGround website. How else will your work be shared/promoted to UMBC and/or the surrounding community?
Social Media
Published Products
Community Gatherings
If applicable, please list any websites or publications that you will be using to promote your course/project.
If you have an additional document you wish to submit with your proposal, please upload it here.